Between The Hedges

Between The Hedges

2 Seasons

The ultimate test of man and machine… The hardest race on the planet… The greatest motor-sporting event in the world. For as long as men and women have been competing at the Isle of Man TT Races, people have been trying to explain just how special it truly is.

Between The Hedges takes us into the fascinating world of the TT Races, with some of the greatest road racers of all-time talking through this truly unique event.

Between The Hedges
  • 1. Comebacks

    Episode 1

    “I probably wouldn’t be sat here with 23 wins if he hadn’t had his injury.”

    Dive back into the unique and fascinating world of the Isle of Man TT Races with Season 2 of the award-winning series, Between the Hedges.

    Episode 1 takes us on the search for the greatest TT comeback of all-time. Featu...

  • 2. Comebacks - Part Two

    Episode 2

    “That was the end of TT, the end of everything.”

    Featuring first-hand accounts from your favourite TT competitors as they discuss their own injury setbacks, the incidents that put them there, the obstacles they’ve had to overcome, and what drives them to keep coming back to compete at the great...

  • 3. The Spectacle

    Episode 3

    “It’s not normal, it’s a little bit insane.”

    For as long as men and women have been competing at the Isle of Man TT Races, people have been trying to explain just how special it truly is. Our guests take us on an exclusive tour of the TT Mountain Course as they reveal their own experiences of sp...

  • 4. Gods of Speed

    Episode 4

    “All records are there to be broken, everybody is there to be beat.”

    In Episode 4 our riders and experts expose the only TT achievements that you don’t get a prize for, the lap records. We study the history and progression of the out-right Isle of Man TT lap record and what it takes to get ther...

  • 5. Man vs Machine

    Episode 5

    “The TT is a true test of man and machine.”

    One of the most unique aspects of the event – swapping machinery. The riders give exclusive insight into the physical and mental challenges that come with practicing and racing on numerous categories of motorcycle. In addition to the pitfalls that the ...

  • 6. Full Factory

    Episode 6

    “Here at the TT, you can turn up as a privateer and compete.”

    In Episode 6 we dissect the variety of teams and competitors, and follow their journeys and ambitions to make it to the top. We dive into Honda Racing’s rich TT history and presence as the only true ‘Full Factory’ team in the paddock...

  • 7. Natural Talent

    Episode 7

    “Gone are the days when you could do nothing and turn up.”

    In the penultimate episode of Season 2, our riders and experts debate the masters of the sport and decide on the most naturally talented riders ever to grace the TT Mountain Course. We consider what it takes to compete at the top in the ...

  • 8. The Heir to the Throne

    Episode 8

    “In our time and our life now, we are really witnessing something special.”

    In the final Episode of Season 2, the riders reveal their dreams and ambitions as we ask “what is their end goal” at the Isle of Man TT? What would the world’s greatest road racers be happy to walk away with? We revisit ...