We bring you the latest and exclusive interviews from some of the biggest names in TT racing. From 5 minutes with... to full feature length interviews, we go behind the scenes, get under the skin and delve into the mindset of your heroes, giving you all the insight and insider knowledge you need to get ready for the Isle of Man TT Races.

  • Glenn Irwin: Expectations Vs Reality

    A lot can change in two weeks. We asked this year's most highly anticipated newcomer Glenn Irwin the same questions both before and after his first TT to find out if his expectations met his reality.

  • John McGuinness - Hitting 100

    From his debut year to hitting his 100th race start, 23-time TT winner, John McGuinness MBE takes a seat in the Victory Café Cinema for a look back at some of his career highlights.

    A master of his craft yet the Morecambe missile remains grounded and well aware of his humble beginnings. Moving ...

  • 5 Minutes With...

    5 items

    In this series your favourite TT heroes take time away from track to explore the sights of the Isle of Man with host Chris Pritchard.

    Chris gets a different perspective from TT legends Michael Rutter, Peter Hickman, Dean Harrison, Lee Johnston and Connor Cummins as they take time out away from t...

  • Grill the Grid

    Testing the knowledge of our 2022 TT stars as we ask them to name all the Senior TT Champions they can!

  • Sidecar Special

    Having touched briefly on the new changes to the technical regulations coming into place this year during the recent launch show, Road to 2022, 17-time TT winner and sidecar legend, Dave Molyneux and passenger Daryl Gibson join Steve to go for a more in-depth conversation about how this will help...

  • Jacking It In

    With more than 54 years TT experience between them and having both recently hit the big 50, TT legends Michael Rutter and John McGuinness take time away from the track for a light hearted and more age appropriate competition at Ramsey Crowne Green Bowling Club.

    “Michael has everything, the look...

  • The Perfect Blend

    Star of the future and former sandwich artist, Davey Todd joins Manxman and fellow Milenco by Padgetts Motorcycles team mate Conor Cummins at his coffee shop, Conrod’s, to put his skills to the test whilst catching up with John Hogan. Has he got what it takes?

    Putting the sandwich skills asid...

  • Never Giving Up

    In this in-depth interview, John Hogan is joined by 16-time TT winner Ian Hutchinson to share his story of resilience, record breaking and returning to TAS Racing ahead of this year’s TT.

    Starting by taking it back to the year that is one of the biggest chapters in TT history, 2010, when Hutchin...

  • Michael Dunlop: In The Driver's Seat

    Michael Dunlop steps into the driving seat of a Ford Escort Mark 1 for an exclusive in-depth interview with John Hogan. The 19-time TT winner and road racing legend talks of his love of rally cars, growing up around motorsport and what it takes to race.

    “Your only limitation is confidence” expla...

  • View From Down Under

    From Down Under to the Isle of Man, Davo Johnson joins John Hogan on a mission to spot the Island’s infamous Wallabies.

    Johnson reflects on his early family life, the influence of his father on his love of road racing and his first voyage half across the world to the Isle of Man TT Races. Makin...