Between The Hedges

Between The Hedges

The ultimate test of man and machine… The hardest race on the planet… The greatest motor-sporting event in the world. For as long as men and women have been competing at the Isle of Man TT Races, people have been trying to explain just how special it truly is.

This new mini-series takes us into the fascinating world of the TT Races, featuring in-depth interviews with some of the greatest road racers of all-time. They talk us through the racing, the festival, the Island, the atmosphere, the spectacle, and what it’s like to tackle the Isle of Man TT and to live life ‘Between the Hedges’.

Between The Hedges
  • 1. King Of The Mountain

    It's a title reserved for only the greatest, but who holds it? We ask some of the greatest names in sport, who is 'King of the Mountain'...

  • 2. The Mountain Course

    37.73-miles of road like no other, so what is it like to tackle the TT Mountain Course?

  • 3. Ten Second Gaps

    A race against the clock, so how do competitors approach this unique event?

  • 4. The Fans

    TT fans are like no other. Fiercely proud and deeply loyal, often turning a one off trip into a lifetime of annual pilgrimage... We ask what does makes the TT so special.

  • 5. The Festival

    The Isle of Man TT is more than a road race - it's a spectacle, a two week festival, a Mecca for motorsport fans.

    When the racing isn't on, the atmosphere doesn't stop, in this episode we go behind the scenes of what you and your favourite racers are doing when the mountain road isn't closed for...

  • 6. Young Blood

    The fresh faces... The orange bibs... The young blood... The future stars of the TT...

    This episode of Between the Hedges delves into what it takes to be a newcomer at the TT.

  • 7. The Island

    This episode of "Between the Hedges" goes beyond the hedges, and looks at what the Isle of Man is like year-round

  • 8. The Power and The Glory

    The Power... The Glory... The Accolade... What is it that makes a TT win so special to this elite group of riders?

    With a Senior TT Win being one of the most sought after achievements of them all, in this final episode of 'Between the Hedges' we ask what is the winning formula and what does it t...